baldgirl with headaches

Sunday, January 15, 2012

two years without

The hard work of headache prevention is over. Apparently I've adapted my posture enough to be headache free! And for good measure I return to the chiropractor once a month for a tune-up.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a year without

It's now been a year since I have had a headache. Being headache-free is hard work. Bad posture is a bad habit that is hard to break. I've found that when my chin is jutting out, the headache creeps in. It's easy enough to put a stop to the pain by making myself have a double chin, or at least a chin and a half. My guess is that I'll be working on good posture and stopping myself from chin-jutting for another year or more before the old bad habits are traded for posture-perfect ones.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

the end of the headaches

While I've been forbidden by my place of employment from writing on this blog, I'm going to risk telling you all how my four years of headaches came to an end. I tried many things, each year trying a different alternative medicine.

In 2010 I tried chiropractors.

The first chiropractor I went to was flashy and cracked almost every bone in my body, relieving my headache but leaving me with a backache. After my first visit I knew that a chiropractor was the solution to my four year problem.

I found another chiropractor whose method is called "Diversified" and she gave me many exercises to do. I continue to do them daily as they are critical to me not having pain and retraining myself on the way I hold my head. My second chiropractor is my hero as she relieved me of four years of awful headache pain by cervical spine manipulations and teaching me how to hold my head in ways that didn't cause me pain. I've much better posture these days.

In mid-February 2010 I started tapering off of the narcotic I had been taking for three years for the pain. At the end of May I took my last dose. Since February I haven't had a bad headache.